UnauthorizedWarning-vwlive copy.jpgPlease beware of third-party sites selling tickets to Niswonger events.

VANWERTLIVE.COM is the only authorized ticket distributor for all Niswonger Performing Arts Center events.

We cannot accomodate tickets bought on third-party sites, and will take action to discourage those third-party sellers.

Still not convinced? See the outline below.

Third-Party Ticketing. Guests, Take Caution!

Buy your tickets only from Van Wert Live. When you buy from a broker or scalper:

  • We cannot be responsible for tickets purchased through unauthorized third parties.
  • Your tickets cannot be replaced if lost or stolen.
  • We cannot guarantee that your tickets are valid and cannot guarantee admittance.
  • You will always pay more than face value.
  • We cannot contact you with information regarding time changes, show cancellations, or other information.
  • You are supporting businesses that make it hard for true fans to see their favorite performers or shows without paying a premium charge they cannot afford.
  • We reserve the right to revoke tickets sold to a broker or unauthorized third party. If you are holding a revoked ticket, you will not be admitted and will not receive a refund.