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Stage Orchestra Pit

An Intimate Setting - Balcony view of the stage

The Niswonger Performing Arts Center is the largest and most modern Performing Arts Center in Northwest Ohio and boasts 1200 seats. Behind the scenes, the Niswonger offers touring productions multiple dressing rooms, production offices, chorus rooms, along with a Green Room for wardrobe and catering.

Please download the complete NPAC Venue Tech Packet for preparing to visit our stage and community. 

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Loading Dock

1 truck dock street level. 12'X8' lift platform to unload on. Stage is street level.

No Shore Power.


Music Hall

Stage Dimensions

  • Proscenium width 54'
  • Proscenium height 19'-6"
  • Stage width wall to wall 90'
  • Stage depth PL/ back wall 39'
  • Thrust edge / back wall 53'
  • Wings 20'
  • Orchestra pit width 32'
  • Orchestra pit depth 16'
  • Orchestra pit cover width 32'
  • Orchestra pit cover depth 8'
  • Orchestra pit height 10'
  • Orchestra pit cover is motorized with a "Gala" pit cover lift. Travel is 10'/min
  • Grid height 54'
  • Trim height 48'



The primary rigging system is a single purchase counterweight system with 28 total line sets. All sets have 1,200 lbs. arbors. Download a PDF of line set schedule.


The lighting system is an ETC controlled and dimmed system, within 1 DMX universe. The controller is an Express 48/96 with Emphasis 200 attached. All instruments are "Source Four". Elipsoidals range from 19 deg to 50 deg, along with an assortment of par cans and fresnels. There is one FOH catwalk and one dedicated stage electric as well as four moveable electrics.

Spot Lights

2 in house spot lights are Strong "Cantos" 850w MH follow spots. They are located in a booth above the balcony entrances. A 3rd light could be operated from inside the production control room located in the upper balcony.


FOH sound is a JBL VRX line array, flown in an LCR configuration. Each stack is a 4 box array, providing even coverage of the entire house. Sub cabinets are center flown against the proscenium wall and are JBL dual 18 front loaded. Amplification is done with Crown CTS 3000 series amps.

FOH Mixing

Yamaha PM5D


Denon N645t CD/Cassett combo
DVD / VHS combo

Input devices

Assorted SM58, SM57, Audix drum kit set.
Sennheiser Evolution G2 series wireless system.

  • 12 receivers
  • 12 body packs with countryman E6 mics
  • 6 handhelds

Cabling / Snake

3 primary input locations with either xlr or multi pin jump snake. 56 channels to FOH. Multi pin stage split for monitors on stage left input panel. We have a 30? fantail for monitor desk.


Communication is provided by Clearcom. 2 Channel hard wired system with access at all production positions. Paging in all hallways and rooms.

Assisted listening

11 wireless recievers are available. Please see the head usher for assistance