There are many factors that make live entertainment in Van Wert a reality. Most of them playing a part in the arts economy by an exchange of goods and services. The Van Wert Area Performing Arts Foundation has a team of seven paid professionals guided by an Executive Director appointed and funded by the Van Wert County Foundation. A fiduciary board of eleven is in place that guides the growing operation. The VWAPAF operates a $2M budget that supports the vision to make Van Wert an entertainment destination by providing experiences that are so good they demand a return. Income offsetting operational and programming expenses is made possible by revenue streams of ticket sales, sponsor contributions, member contributions, federal and state grants, and foundation grants. The organization has grown significantly in the 17 years since its inception and its various programming stages in Van Wert have impacted over 450,000.

The vital component that is the lifeblood of the organization does not show up on the income statement. The heart of Van Wert Live is the over 150 volunteers who are the hands and feet of the mission. Our organization cannot deliver on the promise of a "so good" experience without the friendly greeter at the door, the usher who guides patrons to their seat, or the safety team ensuring a comfortable stay. And that's just at showtime. Behind the scenes, a volunteer team has been working hard to ensure that the stage is set and ready for the curtain to open. When the curtain closes and all guests depart, that is the time for another shift of work to start. There are a myriad of details that go beyond the paid staff positions directing the operation. These tasks are lifted up by the Van Wert Live Volunteers who believe in the power that live performances bring to society, and specifically to our Northwest Ohio communities.

From near and far, the Van Wert Live Volunteers traveled to The Niswonger on Monday, August 29 for an evening of fine dining, live music, and festivities. The stage was set in their distinct honor and the Board and Staff shared accolades and great appreciation for the commitment of time and resources that each share selflessly. The catered Willow Bend dinner was a delight while the acoustical talents of Lee Warren filled the night.

When the festivities and clean-up were all through, a saying came to mind from the great enlightened thinker, Winnie The Pooh. "We didn't realize we were making memories, we just knew we were having fun." Thanks to the dedication of the Van Wert Live Volunteers, we get our job of entertaining done and together we deliver another Fall season of live music celebration!