Apr 27 , 2021

Van Wert Live Keeps It Rollin'

By Tafi Stober

Over the years we’ve shared vivid memories, great laughter, and moments of wow and wonder sitting amongst family and friends in the Niswonger Performing Arts Center and Fountain Park. Live entertainment in Van Wert has been a valued part of your life and we thank you. It is because of the moments and the people that the Van Wert Live staff returned to Revive Live entertainment. This time of intermission has given us pause to look at our operation and find ways to adapt our product and services to fit the needs of the current environment. We believe Dynamic Programming, Affordable Ticket Prices, Safe Processes, & Memberships with appealing benefits will enhance your entertainment experience.

Here are some enhancements that you will see:

Programming: Dynamic vs Season 

Dynamic programming means that concerts will be announced as single events throughout the year. We will be year-round which means that our line-up stays fresh. This frees us to obtain artist opportunities that being locked to a season does not permit. These opportunities typically provide an economical incentive thanks to artist routing cost-savings. Show announcements will be individually opposed to altogether at one time as a season. This means there is no grand series. Each event stands alone and is presented individually at the lowest ticket price possible.

Ticket Pricing: Lowest-Price vs Discounting

We believe in running an efficient organization so that our ticket prices remain as low as possible. Sponsor contributions directly reduce ticket prices as opposed to supporting operations. Affordability and accessibility are key to reaching the largest percentage of the community with the life-changing power of the arts. Opposed to subscription discounts, we are committed to providing the lowest ticket price and in order to do this, discount padding is not worked into the ticket scaling. The Group Discount of 10% for 10 Tix or more is still offered to encourage group travel to a Van Wert stage of inspiration.

Ticket Delivery: Digital vs. Ticket Stock

All VWLive Tickets will be digital with delivery by email. Patrons can print the ticket at home or use their device for scanning when entering. The Box Office will provide the service of physically providing the print-at-home ticket by mail or pick up in the Box Office for a nominal fee. We have a solution and service for every ticket buyers comfort level with digital ticketing.A touchless ticketing process supports our Safe Entertainment Environment.

Event Promotions: Digital vs Print

Most but not all promotional communications will be digital by means of website, email, text or social media. This alleviates great costs for print production and mailing which reduces ticket prices. Digital also supports a timely message without the delay of mail.

Family Memberships: New Venues, Levels & Benefits Family Memberships provide benefits only and do not include tickets. Membership Benefits apply to all Van Wert Live venues (Niswonger, The Grandstand)

VIP MEMBERSHIP - $4000 Personal

  • Choice Seats - QTY 4 - Unlimited number of tickets can be purchased. 4 Seats Guaranteed Exclusive Member Advance Purchasing Options - 2 Week Member Window Upon Event Announcement VIP Meet & Greets - When safely permitted.
  • Preferred Parking (1 space) - To be coordinated with Hospitality & Facility Coordinator, Michelle Agler.
  • Backyard Bouquets, Summer Floral Subscription - One complimentary floral arrangement delivered to the VIP Members home from June-August. Arrangements will be made with owners Steve and Tina Decker.
  • Members Only Special Events & Master Classes Supporter Recognition
  • Personal Box Office Contact Reminders


  • Personal Choice Seats - QTY 2 - Unlimited number of tickets can be purchased. 2 Seats Guarantee.
  • Exclusive Member Advance Purchasing Options - 2 Week Member Window Upon
  • Event Announcement Members Only Special Events & Master Classes Supporter Recognition Personal Box Office Contact Reminders

MEMBER - $100

  • Exclusive Member Advance Purchasing Options
  • Supporter Recognition

When events are announced, Members immediately have access to purchase. The Guaranteed Seats are held for 14 days from the announcement. After 14 days, holds are removed and the show is open for General Public Sales.

GRANDSTAND Concert: Member Sales

The Grandstand Concert is announced on April 30 which is prior to Memberships being on sale. The Member On-Sale date for this specific concert is MAY 7. General Sales begin May 21.

The excitement builds as we prepare to release concert information. Dates to note are this Friday for the Grandstand Announcement, Wednesday, May 5 - Membership Sales Begin. The VWLive Box Office is open from Noon - 4P Tuesday - Friday to answer any questions. We look forward to assisting each of our revered patrons in preparing for the grand return of music and laughter from a stage right here at home.