Over the years we’ve shared vivid memories, great laughter, and moments of wow and wonder sitting amongst family and friends in the Niswonger Performing Arts Center, The Grandstand, and Fountain Park. Live entertainment in Van Wert is a valued part of your life and we thank you. The product that we deliver is live entertainment in various forms. But the "Why" behind the Van Wert Live staff is the people.

We each have different reasons for enjoying live entertainment. Jane attends a concert to find an uplifting escape, while Tom is technically trained to appreciate the artistry. Sally sings every word and Johnny doesn't know a single one. Ruth remains still in her seat absorbing every note while Rhonda is doing the shimmy-jimmy to the beat. What I have learned in my decade of observing concertgoers is the response is not always a measure of enjoyment. The really cool fact is we each have the freedom for self-expression. (Disclaimer: So long as it is appropriate:) We love our trained music enthusiasts and we also love those who simply like to hear a good song. Entertainment in Van Wert is for everyone!

Just like the diversity of purposes for attending a show, Van Wert Live Members also have a variety of reasons for investing in our vision and we have the perks to satisfy the purpose. Family Members support the operation financially and believe in making Van Wert an entertainment destination. They are rewarded with perks that include a personalized parking space, guaranteed seating, artist meet and greets (when possible,) pre-sale purchasing power, special events, and more. Family Membership Options include VWLIVE VIP ($4000), VWLIVE Member Plus ($2000), and VWLIVE Family Member ($100). Family Memberships are for anyone and provide 365 days of perks and purchasing power. Renewal messages from the Van Wert Live staff are shared when the time to renew nears. The Box Office provides personalized service to Family Members and can be reached at 419-238-6722 with any questions.

VWLive Corporate Memberships include special perks of guaranteed seating and pre-sale buying for staff and packages also include tickets. These special Orchestra Center tickets are used as employee and customer incentives. Our Corporate Members appreciate the mission to provide entertainment experiences that are so good they demand a return. It is our honor to serve our Corporate Members as we are partners in sustaining a thriving local economy and quality of life. Quincy Thompson is the Van Wert Live Member liaison and is always available to discuss a Corporate Membership tailored to the unique needs of the business.

Our esteemed Members join us in delivering the power of live entertainment. Our membership list has rapidly grown and we are elated for those from near and far for plugging into the vibe that drives live!